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How Military Match Works

Military Match provides the best way to “plug-into” the dynamic ecosystem to our access nation’s strongest candidates. Create weekly campaigns around the military audience(s) you’re looking to hire, across several leading veteran hiring initiatives. Here’s how it works:


Select Your Audience

Search for campaigns to access pools of military candidates. Choose the ones that best fit your needs.

Top Bases • Hiring Events • Top Candidates


Schedule Your Campaign

Determine the start date and number of matching candidates to include in each campaign.

Start Date • # of Candidates


Set Your Campaign Filters

Create your filters around audiences your looking to hire and add recruiters to each campaign.

Filter Sets • Recruiters


Connect with Your Matches

Get access to and connect with candidates that accept your request to connect from the campaign.

View Profiles to Full Resumes • Reporting

Flexible payment options:
Purchase Campaigns and pay as you go.
Or buy Bundles to pay in advance.

Benefits of Military Match

Save On Your Travel Budget

Traveling to hiring events is expensive and time consuming.

Access pools of candidates from recent hiring events without the cost and time burn.

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Anytime Digital Base Access

Bases can be hard to access for individual employers.

Access pools of candidates near bases/geographies to meet your hiring needs.

View Bases/Geography Campaigns

Access Transitioning Candidates

Reaching candidates during their military or job transition is difficult.

Access pools of candidates who are the freshest, most active candidates currently transitioning.

View Top This Week Campaigns

Boost your recruiting with Military Match!

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