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How it works

After purchasing your campaigns, here's what happens:



Once a campaign is purchased, you’ll receive an email to verify and login into your account. Inside your account you’ll be able to add your company’s logo, description and other preferences.



When you purchase campaigns, they will appear in your account. From here you’ll be able to set your filters for each campaign helping you to better target candidates that match your needs.


Weekly Campaigns

Our system will send our "Military Monday" email to candidates that are the closest match as possible to your needs, along with other companies that are a close match. The campaign will run each week for the duration of the campaign period. Note that our "Military Monday" emails actually come from our partners which greatly enhances the likelihood of accepted requests.



Candidates that are interested in your company can "connect" with you in just a few clicks. When they connect, the system automatically sends you their profile, which can include a full resume for candidates that have provided one.



Each campaign closes tracks the number of candidates that (1) receive emails, (2) open emails, (3) accept your request and (4) actively reject your request with reason codes. At any time, you can log into your FASTPORT portal to view your reports, as well as all your accepted connection requests.