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Off-Base Hiring Events

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Job seekers from the military community, most of which are available immediately.
Set in your account after purchase. (Image of filters in image carousel to the left)
2 weeks, sent weekly

Off-Base Hiring Event Campaign: With this campaign we will introduce your company to the attendees of the Hiring Our Heroes hiring events held at venues in areas where there are large populations of Guard, Reservists, and veterans. These events target active duty service members, Guard and Reserve, veterans, and military spouses.


General Information

Campaigns Description: The Campaigns product allows employers to send a series of 2 emails to a targeted group of candidates requesting introductions to connect. 

Off Base Hiring Event Campaigns: Campaigns are tailored around our best, most active and available candidates. In other words, these are our "hot" campaigns. They may change week to week or stay the same. These campaigns tend to be some of our most popular and most effective lists. They sell out quick, so act fast to make sure you get in each week. 

How Campaigns Work:

  1. Account: On your first purchase, you'll receive an email to verify and login into your account to add your company’s logo, description and access your campaigns.

  2. Filters: Once a new campaign is purchased, you’ll be able to login to your account and set your campaign filters.

  3. Email Campaign: Our system will send our "Military Match" email to candidates each week. The campaign will run each Monday for the duration of the campaign period.

  4. Connections: The system automatically sends you profiles of candidates who want to connect, which can include full resumes. You can also login into your account to view all candidates.

  5. Reporting: Each campaign tracks (1) emails received, (2) emails opened, (3) accepted requests and (4) rejected requests with reason codes.